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Lego NUC vSAN Cluster

So .. it is time to downscale. As you may have seen, I used to have a Dell C6100 – based lab. Now whilst that brings a lot of nice oompf, it also brings a lot of juicy and expensive electricity. My lab installations – well the VMs itself – are quite extensive and I was looking for a solution which I can leave running 24/7 without jeopardising my marriage 🙂 I came across a post from William Lam, basically going through a configuration of a few NUCs to build a vSAN cluster. So I intended to copy that. With...


How much does it REALLY cost to run your own lab ?

Let’s face it – it is easy to ignore the running costs – ignorance is bliss and all that. But I thought I’ll find out anyway. The costs are obviously split into different sections (assuming you do run your own server in the loft / garage). Hardware Costs (initial and spares) Electricity If someone asks me – how much is a lab? .. Then the answer is likely – how long is a string? It obviously depends. Some people buy new kit, some refurbished on eBay or other sites, some get sponsored. You can see by the lack of banners,...